Agreement Import Licensing

Many countries often change their licensing requirements and, therefore, there is not a single publication that lists all the countries that require import licensing, or designates all products that require import licensing. Yes. If you believe that a WTO member country`s import certificate requirements are compromising in a manner contrary to the WTO Import Certificate Agreement, please contact the U.S. Department of Commerce`s Trade Agreements Negotiation and Compliance (TanC) hotline. TANC may provide you with the information and assistance you need to understand your rights under this Agreement. It can also activate the U.S. government to help you solve your export problem. If necessary, U.S. officials may address requests to the government of the other country concerned.

The World Trade Organization dispute settlement procedure, described in the WTO Export Guide, may also be applied in certain circumstances if WTO member States do not comply with a WTO agreement. Brief information on the import certificate and the WTO section Links to import certificates in the WTO guide Understanding the WTO Work on this subject is being discussed by the Committee on Import Licences. The Committee shall monitor the implementation of the Agreement. It shall verify the implementation and application of the Agreement at least every two years. Members are required to inform the Committee of any changes to their laws and regulations relating to import licences. The current presidency is. Decisions of WTO bodies relating to the Agreement on Import Licences can be found in the Guide to the Analytical Index to WTO Law and Practice Licence applicants should have at least 21 days (with provisions for possible renewals) to submit their applications. Amendments to a country`s rules on import licence procedures or to the list of products for which import licences are required should, as far as possible, be published twenty-one days before the date of entry into force of the amendments in order to enable Governments and distributors to become familiar with those amendments. This information, together with copies of any implementing laws or guidelines, must also be transmitted to the secretariat of the World Trade Organization.