Cheshire East Council Section 106 Agreement

Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended, gives the local planning authority the power to enter into an S106 agreement. “Most developer contributions are related to a particular development project, in accordance with the legal provisions between the Board and the developer. And Cheshire East is further reducing basic services and says they will not spend money fighting the travesty of democracy to get approval from Nantwich South. An appalling piece of advice that is not suitable for this purpose. Report CNBC*Cheshire East Council fees for attorneys` fees related to the preparation and negotiation of S106 agreements and you must take a fee obligation before legal work begins. The fee is charged at £160 per hour (increase to £195 per hour from the 1st The application was filed in 1992 with CEC`s predecessor, Macclesfield Municipal Borough, and approved a year later and £35,000 has not been spent at present. The additional column containing information indicated in your application is simply an internal summary of the s106 legal agreement itself. If you need further specific details on each building permit (as per the reference indicated), the s106 agreements describe this in detail and are publicly available on the Cheshire East Borough Council website, by consulting each relevant building permit, please provide the following details for all payments received in accordance with section 106: “These may include planning applications – outlined and detailed – project planning, consultation with residents, city and city councillors and, where the work is carried out by Council, an appropriate schedule for carrying out such work. These are legally binding agreements negotiated between the planning authority and the applicant/developer and all other parties who may have an interest in the land. A “unilateral undertaking” is an agreement proposed independently by the applicants.

“Legal agreements (or legal obligations) fall under section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act and can be beneficial to all local and municipal authorities involved in residential or commercial developments requiring some mitigation.” This document is a standard form of s106 established by Cheshire East Council. Normally, the Commission will not accept changes to the definitions or clauses 2-16 contained in this document. They must provide ownership of the country that is the subject of the application. 2472133 details of all the s106 2013 2018 received.pdf The information you initially provided is of interest, but it is not complete and therefore not of practical use. Please indicate the information to which each contribution is due or has been used. Note that a priority has already been set as to how information can be provided – see the answer “FOI East, Cheshire East Council 11 March 2015” for an example of a ranking. Please provide this information for the following years: • 2017-2018 • 2016-2017 • 2015-2016 • 2014-2015 • 2013-2014 Other successful contribution requests, The 1990s are not yet exhausted, including an offer to build townhouses in Handforth from 1998 and a medium-density residential project on the Hamble Way in Macclesfield from the same year. Emma Williams Principal Planning Officer Municipal Buildings Earle Street Crewe Tel: 03001235014 The Handforth project still has £113,000 to use, while Hamble Way still has just over £10,000.

The Authority defended today`s revelation, saying the money would be “spent in due course.” . . .