Cnib Collective Agreement

We are on the right track. It will take time, but if we go back to brighter days, we will remember those difficult times and realize that because we have all contributed to it, we have become stronger as a nation. Our collective resilience will lead to our collective victory. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything and affects all aspects of our society. This invisible enemy is frightening and strong, and it has forced us to change our way of life. It invites each of us to sacrifice our freedom of movement and to accept demanding conditions. In many cases, at a high cost. In the meantime, while keeping the line, we don`t want to focus on what we can`t control, but on the news that gives us hope. Let us encourage ourselves.

Continue to support all those who are helping Canadians during the pandemic. The Office of the Governor General is proud to be able to contribute to awareness and gratitude. Please lend your voice as well. Be grateful. You can`t choose when there`s a need, but you can choose how to react in times of crisis. Please visit Caring Nation, our new online forum to contribute to stories of solidarity and compassion from across the country. Stay in touch, please. Talk to us on social media @GGJuliePayette on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. And most importantly, stay safe and healthy. The CNIB provides support during the completion of a post-secondary education program, career planning, assessment and willingness to work, skills enhancement, assessment of workplace accommodation, and employer awareness and engagement. To defeat the virus, we must all play our part.

All of us. There is no doubt that you are already doing everything you can. But what else can we do? Dear members of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, for information on the services and programs offered by CNIB, call the cnib toll-free helpline at 1-800-563-2642 or click here to contact your local office. Let`s put ourselves forward. We can reach Canadians by providing official information and instructions. I invite you to visit and share our content, especially organizations in our communities. As the sponsor of your organization, I wanted to wish you all the best in these difficult times. I hope you are doing well. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you face a historic and unprecedented challenge alongside people and organizations around the world.