European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill 2019-20

My party will base our approach to the next steps of the act on a few key areas. Firstly, we will request impact assessments on the Withdrawal Agreement in time for examination and examination. Secondly, we will strive to join the customs union – not a customs union – with the European Union. A customs union would mean that the UK would have to open its markets to all EU trade agreements without having reciprocal access to those other markets. Thirdly, we will ask that the United Kingdom remain in the internal market. Fourthly, the bill, in its current form, rejects the voice of our democratically elected Parliament in Wales, y Senedd. A number of clauses in the previous version of the law have been deleted. This implies that this Brexit is the hardest Brexit of all Brexit. It is run by the hard right and, frankly, by the rich and the reckless.

It has the effect of completely taking Britain out of the customs union and the internal market – the most advanced examples of international economic cooperation in history, which protect us decisively with the strongest legal framework in the world, with high standards of food safety, workers` rights and environmental protection. We promised to take back control. All Conservative MEPs were elected by a manifesto to leave the internal market, leave the customs union and leave the field of competence of the European Court of Justice. Does this bill do the business? This is a start. This is a very good start; That would be my judgment. There are a lot of things I don`t like, but it anticipated the process in thought so that we would respect what we promised people. I thank my honourable friend for this speech and I thank her and other colleagues, some of whom represent seats that voted strongly in favour of withdrawal, for their commitment, for the discussions and for the constructive way in which all this has been addressed. I understand the concerns of those ridings and municipalities. I know that she supports the principle of a customs union which labour incorporated into its manifesto and has since reaffirmed. I think we should vote against this bill tonight for the reasons I have outlined. I understand that it is possible to change it in committee – that is always the process in Parliament – but my recommendation would be to vote against this bill.

However, I understand and respect the way she has tackled it and the way she represents her community and her riding. She will join me and be quite concerned about the stress that the manufacturing industry is currently experiencing. If we do not have a customs union, production in that country will be seriously threatened. Compatibility with the Good Friday Agreement was only loosely achieved by the effective retention of Northern Ireland in the customs union and the internal market and by the end of the economic coherence of the British State. Far from removing the backstop, as the UK government and the Prime Minister have claimed, it is now being implemented as a policy in Northern Ireland`s withdrawal agreement – a head-on stop, as some have called it.